DaVinci Aromatherapy Dough – Single Jars


DaVinci Aromatherapy Dough is the perfect therapeutic gift. Great gift for friends, family, employees, customers, volunteers.

Choose from the following:

  • Vanilla Orange – Calm & Harmony
  • Lemon Ginger – Clarity & Focus
  • Rosemary Mint – Focus & Creativity
  • Eucalyptus Mint – Refresh & Focus

A soft-textured, long-lasting dough with carefully selected aromatherapy scents. It’s like an aromatherapy stress squeezer but it’s even better than that! This long-lasting, aromatherapy dough is designed to engage your brain and your body to help you feel better and do better. You’re just a few moments away from a better day.

A great tool for self-care that can help reduce stress, improve learning, increase productivity and encourage creativity. Perfect for…

  • calming down anxious kids and adults
  • staying focused on projects or homework
  • giving yourself a break at work or home
  • relieving tension in hands and fingers
  • unwinding before going to sleep

We have other scents in development including Lavender and more. Want to suggest a scent? Just let us know, contact us. We want to hear from you and we appreciate your input. It helps us create a better product for you.

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