FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our dough. If you have a question that we haven’t answered here, please let us know through our contact form.

What’s it made from?

All our dough is made from food-grade ingredients.  We know that sometimes children, pets or vulnerable adults will put it in their mouth or eat it. And, while it’s safe to eat, our dough is not intended to be eaten and we don’t recommend it. It really doesn’t taste good; no matter how good it smells.

Is it Gluten Free?

No, we do use wheat flour in our recipe; so it is NOT gluten-free.

How long will it last?

That depends on you and how you take care of your dough. With proper care, it should last about 2-3 months and possibly more. For best results, make sure your hands are clean when using our dough and keep the dough sealed in its container when you’re not using it.

Will it dry out?

Yes, it will dry out eventually. It’s dough and dough is a perishable product. It’s made from food-grade ingredients which don’t last forever (and we don’t want them to either).

If it’s left out or uncovered for too long, it will begin to dry out. How long it takes for the dough to dry out will depend on your environment and how you take care of it. As you might expect, it will dry out much faster in dry climates than it will in more humid climates.

What do I do if it dries out?

That depends. If your dough feels dry but not crunchy, you can rub a small amount of unscented hand lotion on your hands and play with the dough. This will perk up the dough without changing the scent. It’s important to use UNSCENTED hand-lotion. Otherwise, you could end up with some really funky smelling dough.

  • There is a limit to how often you can do this. Doing it once or twice will restore the dough. Too many times will change the nature of the dough. But, if you were going to throw it away any way, have some fun with it and see what happens.

If it’s rock hard, then there’s nothing you can do but throw it away.

It’s messy, right?

That depends. Yes, it CAN be messy AND no, it doesn’t have to be. Just like anything else, it’s best when small children have the appropriate guidance and supervision when working with dough. When used as a teaching tool instead of an unsupervised arts-and-crafts babysitter, it’s not any different than working with pencils and paper. It’s only as messy as you allow it to be.

What if it gets in the carpet?

Don’t worry, our dough usually doesn’t stick to the carpet and is quick and easy to clean up. Just pick up as much as you can and vacuum up the rest.

  • Do not use water because this will make the dough mushy and harder to clean up and it will spread the color further into your carpet.

If some of the dough does stick to the carpet, here’s what you can do. First, scrape up as much as you can with a spoon. Then, let the remaining dough dry completely where it is. This may sound strange but it actually works in your favor. Once the dough’s fully dried, use your fingers or a spoon to break it into smaller pieces and vacuum them up. We recommend using spoon so that you don’t damage the carpet fibers during the clean-up process. Often times, it takes just one round for clean-up. If there are small pieces still attached to the carpet, repeat the process and vacuum again.

Can’t I make my own dough?

Yes, you definitely can but it will not turn out like ours. We’ve invested a lot into our recipe and are always improving it to make a premium quality dough that’s ready-to-use and lasts much longer than homemade doughs.

Isn’t dough just for young kids?

Absolutely not! Dough is a great tool for all ages and abilities. Age doesn’t matter. Dough engages your brain in good ways and it’s just fun to play with too.

Do you have free shipping?

No, we don’t. We’d love to but it’s just not possible for us as a small business right now. We’re always looking for ways to reduce shipping costs and will continue to do so. Until we find a way to offer free shipping, we appreciate your understanding and support of our small and growing business.