Why DaVinci Dough?

Breathe & Relax

Did you know that you breathe faster and get less oxygen when you’re stressed?

When your breathing rate increases significantly, your body switches into fight or flight mode. This means blood is pumped to your body instead of your brain. This makes it difficult to do good thinking even if some people believe they do their best thinking in this state.

Breathing is a good thing!

Using DaVinci Aromatherapy Dough encourages you to breathe deep and to reconnect to yourself and your brain. When you do this, you can relax and make better choices. And who doesn’t want that?

Improve Focus & Learning

Do you want to know how to work better with your brain?

We all have brains so it helps to know how they work. If you know how your brain works, you can work better with your brain. When you work better with your brain, you get better results. Playing with DaVinci Aromatherapy Dough helps you work better with your brain.

For example, squeezing the dough in your left hand, gives the right side of your brain something to process. And, because the dough is always changing shape, it keeps the right side busy. This makes it easier for you to focus and concentrate when reading, studying, doing homework, and working on projects.

Engage Your Brain

Did you know that your hands and your nose are two of the largest inputs into your brain?

Research has proven that your hands have more motor and sensory receptors than other parts of your body. In other words, there are more connections from your hands to your brain than other parts of your body. And, there are also millions of receptors in your nose connected directly to your brain. Research shows that learning and memory improve when multiple senses are involved and you can’t get much more involved than your hands and your nose.

Playing with DaVinci Aromatherapy Dough is truly a sensory experience. One that can help improve learning and memory. It’s fun too and fun is a good thing for brains and people!